Hello! 👋  Olá! 🖖  Namaste! 🙏

I am Nihesh Rathod. Welcome to my personal webpage! 😊
I am an enthustiastic researcher 🔬, a data scientist 📊 and an amateur Bioinformatician 🧬.
I was born and brought up in Valsad and Navsari, small cities of Gujarat, and where I spent my life before moving to a new city for graduation. Looking back now, it feels like the golden days 🌟 of my life. I met some of my best friends there and made lifelong memories!
I left my hometown 🚃  for pursuing my engineering dreams 🎓 and moved to Nadiad for four years. A new city, college days, a few old friends, many new friends and adventures of a lifetime!
Then life took me to Hyderabad. A year full of uncertainty and a very hectic schedule. But, when you are accompanied by crazy friends, a few shenanigans 🤪  are bound to happen!
Ultimately, I arrived at my current home. A place that I fell in love with, Indian Institute of Science 🏛 . I completed my masters and doctorate 🎓  here.
Currently, I live in a city that I absolutely adore and have no plans of leaving, Bangalore. 🏡
I will share many experience from these places here in stories section, though in not in chronological order. I hope that you have as much fun while reading them 💌  as I had remembering them while writing them down for you.

Sea of infinite ∞ possibilities...

Made with ❤  in IISc, Bangalore.